Stabilize your dentures with implants

Stabilize your dentures with dental implants and make loose-fitting false teeth a thing of the past once and for all. Leave the gooey dental grip adhesives and messy oral glue products on the shelves and embrace the future. With snap-in dentures you can share a meal with family and friends with complete confidence and a radiant smile. Dental implants allow you to enjoy life with a full mouth of beautiful, durable and totally stable teeth.

Prevent bone loss

Not only will you have a gorgeous and functional smile, your dental implants will be good for your oral health on a far deeper level. Since implants are embedded in the jaw bone the same as your natural teeth roots, they help prevent bone loss from occurring. Implants are the only tooth replacement option that offer this significant benefit.

Just like your natural teeth, every time you bite and chew with implants you are stimulating your jaw bone to keep it dense and strong. Traditional dentures simply rest on the gums so there is no bone stimulation and bone loss results.

Another issue with traditional dentures is the way they can wear down your gums over time. The hard plastic denture base literally rubs away at the gum line and can be so severe that eventually, a person’s profile can change. Having your artificial teeth anchored into your jaw bone, the same as your natural teeth, protects your gums from damage.

Total improvement

You will love the security and dependability of your new smile once you stabilize your dentures with implants. It will seem especially worthwhile when you realize that you no longer have to deal with the adhesives that are required to keep your traditional denture in place. Particularly when you realize that your bite is still greatly compromised due to instability. Enjoy the confidence, freedom and security that dental implants provide.

Book a consultation

A simple consultation with an implant specialist will determine if you are a candidate for implants straight away or if any prerequisite work is required. Some individuals have suffered so much jaw bone loss from wearing traditional dentures for a long period (or going without any teeth at all), that bone grafts are required to conduct the implant procedure. While this may sound like a daunting situation, dental science has made receiving a graft quite simple with little pain following the procedure.

A local implant specialist  will conduct a thorough exam and precisely map the location for placing your implants for maximum strength and avoiding nerves.

To learn more about denture stabilization with dental implants, schedule a free consultation with Dr. Harrell. He is the Charlotte area leader for dental implant procedures of all varieties, including All-on-4 implants, which are full-mouth teeth replacements that are permanently affixed in the mouth.